You Are Here! You are Blessed!

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

Bethany Evangelical Platform – This Platform is designed to teach God’s flock to Evangelise Women, Girls & Teenagers.

May God’s love be experienced like fire,Love, feel the love of God in the Transformation. It is GOD, who helps people transform – the Love of God, makes the biggest sinner change. Whoever comes on the platform, God will bless, touch and transform their hearts.

Women all over the world can understand and experience the love of God and function with the Spirit of God. By the grace of God, this platform will have a stir in the women and help the user’s heart to differentiate Right & Wrong, Good & Bad - through His mighty power, through the Holy Spirit. In every way, all the time may the power of God manifest in the lives of millions, all over the world.

Everything revolves around DIVINE LOVE OF GOD.

Bethany - Evangelical Platform

Verse of the Day

The LORD is my strength and my defense ; he has become my salvation.

Psalm 118:14

Our Memoir

The Gospel must be preached to all nations


Our mission is people to come for an EXPERIENCE of God’s Love. Through the Spirit of LOVE to inspire and nurture one person at a time for a deeper relationship with our Eternal GOD.


To redefine and rebuild our individual spiritual journey, which leads to evangelize others for the same sincere realization.

By the abundant Grace and Mercy of God poured upon our lives, this App is being delivered to give everyone a new awakening from God on how to Praise and Worship which is our humble calling and privilege.


Led by the Spirit - Are the Sons of God

- Romans 8:13-17

Heart of God

Does God’s heart matter? The key in or to know about God’s own heart is...

Face Time with God

To seek the face of God is to seek His presence. Psalms 24:6 states, “This is...


Bethany is a tool for everyone around the world experience Love of God through P&W...

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Bethany - Evangelical Platform